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How Home Owners are Secretly Increasing Their Property Value

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Synthetic Grass: The biggest kept secret

5 Outdoor Options to Improve Your Home’s Value with synthetic grass

Imagine a beautifully finished and decorated home filled with tasteful furnishings and elegant designs. Yet in the grounds of this home, the yard is flat and bare without any flower gardens, plants, shrubs, or trees to add beauty or life. The house, while amazing in every other way, is in desperate need of some landscaping! 

According to our research, over 75% of real estate agents in the US say that well-landscaped property’s are worth up to 10% more than property’s with no landscaping. Another big advantage is that landscaping is synonymous with curb appeal. In fact, 94% of real estate agents say improving your curb appeal adds to your bottom line at resale.

Our helpful step by step guide will give you ideas, tips and tricks on how to invest in low maintenance enhancements that will make your home stick out to potential buyers. I will also cover how to keep up with your yard care basics, and master simple projects that are guaranteed to make a huge impact on how your property looks from the outside.   

Futuristic landscaping 

The first big step towards significantly improving your home’s value is replacing your natural turf with synthetic grass. Think about all the advantages for a potential buyer; a property in which you never have to mow, water or fertilize the yard is hard to resist! A full front lawn of lush green synthetic grass will also add to the beauty of the exterior and give the impression of a well cared for home. 

Research suggests that most buyers are big on landscapes that require little or no maintenance. It goes without saying that synthetic grass wipes out most lawn care chores practically overnight. Synthetic lawns are the future because they always look green, lush and perfectly manicured. Another huge advantage of synthetic grass is that it creates a safer, cleaner landscape that will last for many years. In addition to this, houses with landscaping are worth up to 10% more than those without. In other words, landscaping makes your home easier to sell and for more money.

Now you have synthetic grass in place, what other outdoor options can you add to complement and enhance the look? Here are our top 3 recommendations. 

Add privacy landscaping

When surveyed, home buyers rated ‘privacy’ as one of the highest priorities in their search for a new property. In other words, privacy is one of the most sought-after property features and many home buyers are ready to pay more for it. 

One way to capitalize on this need and increase the privacy of your home is to grow thick hedges or shrubs around its perimeter. 

2. Invest in xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is the ultimate low-water, high performance landscaping model. After covering your yard with synthetic grass, go the extra mile and invest in xeriscaping. For example, imagine had features such as rock walls, berms, decorative boulders and paving. Xeriscapes also go hand-in-hand with native plants and synthetic lawns. Together, they create beautiful, long-lasting landscapes that require almost no maintenance.

 3. Install a backyard putting green

A putting green feature can make your house outshine the competition in the market. Specifically, synthetic putting greens are not just for golfers but for anyone who would like to maximize enjoyment and make the most of their outdoor space. Outdoor putting green turf introduces a luxurious and fun social element to backyards that many buyers would be happy to pay extra for.

Boost the Value of Your Home with Synthetic Grass 

There’s no doubt about it— landscaping is not just a worthy investment; it’s an essential one. You can learn so much more about how to maximize your investment returns with Lomah contracting. Contact us today for a consultation and free estimate.


Synthetic grass is quickly becoming one of the most sought after commodities for home owners in 2021

Grace Stevenson