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Property Value: Synthetic Turf or Sod

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The popularity of Synthetic turf is rapidly on the rise


If anyone told me 5 years ago that Synthetic turf would become the new sod, I might have laughed them out. But within the past 5 years, synthetic turf has improved in leaps and bounds. Premium turf no longer looks like spray on carpet. In fact Synthetic turf now rivals sod. Lomah’s synthetic turf for instance is nearly indistinguishable from natural grass and rivals natural grass in every single way. With almost 40+ years of research and development been instilled into their products to provide clients with the highest quality synthetic turf available anywhere in the world. Their focus has been centered on providing a realistic-looking synthetic turf that does not have the negative challenges of natural grass. Their unique designs do not require watering, mowing, or lawn care services of any kind. In fact, customers that have switched to our synthetic lawns have seen huge reductions in their water bill after their installations were complete. Their artificial lawns do not get yellow or brown spots, the color does not fade, and they do not carry bacteria, molds, or odors from pet waste. Their low maintenance lawn solutions are made from 100% recyclable components to ensure an eco-friendly replacement to natural sod. And the best part? it comes with a 15 year life time warranty. 

Synthetic turf has risen to popularity in the last few years for a number of reasons. For one, premium synthetic turf has a proven track record of significantly boosting property value. Two, its evolving superiority in look, feel and durability is attracting more home owners. Some have suggested that premium synthetic turf is increasingly indistinguishable from natural grass and provides more advantages as mentioned above.

These days, there is a varied selection of options when it comes to landscaping. The market for synthetic turf has grown so far beyond the stubby, clearly plastic turf of the past.  Synthetic turf now comes in a wide range of types depending on what you would like to use it for, and unless you’re looking closely, is almost indistinguishable from normal grass. 

As a result, you can get creative with how to incorporate it into your landscape. One eye catching option is to install synthetic turf between pavers on your walkway.

Here are some of Lomah’s most modern and trendy synthetic turf designs:

Synthetic turf between your Walkway 

Your walkway does not have to look like a slab of dull grey concrete. You can brighten the look and feel through adding strips of synthetic turf between the pavers. Alternatively, if you want to really stand out, you can incorporate patters or a chequered design in-between the pavers. 

If you are curious about how to install synthetic turf within a driveway using pavers we highly recommend reaching out to Lomah. At Lomah they pride themselves in being at the cutting edge of synthetic turf design technology and installation.

Synthetic turf on your patio or terrace

If you have a small amount of space left in your backyard due to your patio or even if you only have a terrace or balcony space, synthetic turf is perfect for you. By simply adding synthetic turf you can easily have the green outdoor feel you always wanted without needing a huge amount of space. For an assessment of your terrace or patio synthetic turf options, feel free to give Lomah a call.

Synthetic turf for your children’s play area 

Synthetic turf is especially good for the children to play on as it is soft and incredibly durable. If you have children’s toys, sand pit or water tables in you backyard, synthetic turf is desirable as it does not get patchy or damaged like natural grass. 

“One huge advantage of synthetic turf for your child’s play area is that it is shock proof and very soft thanks to the foam layer base. This means if your child falls they will have a much softer landing. Feel free to call one of our synthetic turf specialists at Lomah for a free assessment of your play area space”. 

 Lomah is committed to providing only the best customer experience. Thier highly skilled in-house design team will work with you to create the ideal, solution-oriented landscape for any application. You can contact them today to learn more about how you can help make your community cleaner and greener with Lomah Synthetic turf.