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How Fake Grass is Setting a New Standard

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Fake grass technology is literally mind blowing

Fake grass is the future 

Fake grass is like fake news, its more popular and more talked about than the real thing. 

Natural grass is quickly becoming a thing of the past. So what is the future? Fake grass! It may sound like an unlikely alternative but there is a new generation of fake grass that has revolutionized the landscaping scene. If you are like us; you want to enjoy your garden space for the maximum amount of time with the minimum amount of effort to maintain. Here are 6 unique reasons why you need to switch up your natural grass for fake turf. 

1. It looks amazing 

The first reason is the look. Despite the misconceptions; fake grass can look and feel just like natural. In fact it can actually look better. Natural grass is difficult to maintain, especially if you want to achieve that lush, green, bright turf. If you even miss a few days of watering, the natural turf quickly wilts and becomes dry with dead looking patches. Fake grass never looks dry, sandy or dead. The colour stays bright green, healthy and fresh all year around. Your garden will be the envy of your neighbours with a fake grass installation. 

2. Save money 

The next big reason to trade up to fake grass is the savings. Fake grass requires a one time installation. The initial cost may seem a tad steep but imagine the long term savings. An average household spends up to $2000 per year to maintain natural turf. For mid-grade fake grass the cost is around $2 per square foot. The average household could save thousands over a 10 year period with fake grass installation. Fake grass doesn’t need weeding, seeding, cutting or re-sodding. After the one time payment for install, there is barely any maintenance cost. 

3. Add value to your home

The third reason is the value added to your property. Fake grass is critical when it comes to improving your backyard landscaping and it often pays for its self when you go to get your home appraised. Enhancements in the form of landscaping are shown to add up to 11% to the market value of the property according to Additionally, with the combined savings on the water bill, lawn mowing services, or reclaiming 1-2 hours every weekend you will see hundreds more in savings every month. That’s more money to put back into the property. Imagine the impact of a beautiful, vibrant freshly cut lawn on your first impression photos for potential buyers. There will be no need to tidy up the garden when you are ready to sell. 

4. More time to enjoy your backyard 

Yet another benefit of upgrading to fake grass for your landscaping design is the time you will get back to relax, entertain and enjoy your gardens. Fake grass is incredibly low maintenance. Fake grass is also incredibly easy to install, can be used in a variety of different ways and is so easy to maintain that it just makes sense if you are ready to go all out on your landscaping project. 

5. No snow damage 

A huge advantage for our Canadian residents is that fake grass can withstand snow. Living in Canada can be challenging in the wintertime especially with the amount of snow that lays on the ground for months at a time. You may be wondering how fake grass can withstand that amount of pressure and moisture laid upon it for so long. 

It all comes down to a few small precautions you can take as the weather changes. When winter is in full swing, it is best to leave the snow on the turf where it is. If the temperature gets below zero it is likely that ice will freeze to the turf.  If that’s the case, leave it alone.  When spring comes and the snow is melting, you can push the snow around however you wish, just be sure to use a plastic shovel. A heavy snowfall could cause the blades of your fake grass to become slightly pushed down but don’t worry, a little sun and they stand right back up.

6. Its environmentally friendly 

The sixth reason you need to get fake grass is to conserve water and help the environment. Did you know that depending on the size of your lawn and your location, you will be spending anywhere from $50 to $100 per month in water. There is a reason many local municipalities place restrictions on when and how often you can water your lawn. It takes a large amount of water to keep the grass looking fresh and green. Especially in Ottawa’s long hot summers. If you enjoy the peace of mind that helping your local environment gives you, consider this; with fake grass, you are reducing your water use and environmental impact. Fake grass is also made from 100% recycled material, so you can rest assured that you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint – all in the name of a better lawn. 

If you’ve never given fake grass a thought, maybe its time.