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The New Lawn Upgrade

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At Lomah contracting, we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of next generation landscape design and cultivation. The ever-changing Canadian climate presents unique challenges to every homeowner across the country. Many of us desire a rich-looking, healthy and vibrant lawn for our back and front spaces.  Natural grass is beginning to see a decline in demand as artificial grass technology develops. This is has been a long time coming considering the financial and time investment necessary to maintain natural grass. The upkeep required to maintain a lush healthy natural grass is steep. The price of Sod, the annual purchase of lawn foods in winter spring and summer, grass supplements, mowing bi-weekly, hundreds of gallons of water on grass, and the combined time dedicated to the upkeep.  It’s allot when you think about it. With artificial grass you get the perfect natural lawn look without all the hassle. You save money, water and time. It’s a no brainer.

                            “You get the perfect natural lawn look without all the hassle.”

Lomah contracting offers the most natural and rich looking artificial grass on the market. Our turf is environmentally friendly and will deliver that fresh cut look all year around. There are countless advantages to synthetic grass. The first is easy installation. Depending on the side of the project,  our expert landscaping technicians at Lomah contracting can typically have your job done within 48 hours. Many of our clients experience satisfaction with our speedy appointments and professional installations. Once the turf is installed; it can be used right away for your enjoyment. Another advantage of switching to artificial grass is that you will NEVER have to mow your lawn again! The time commitment to constantly trimming your grass frequently is gone in an instant. That means you will have more time to relax and actually enjoy your beautiful outdoor space with your friends and family. Many of our clients comment on the bonus of not needing to water their lawn as another huge benefit to switching to artificial grass. Although the grass is artificial, the majority of clients receive tons of compliment on their lawn and are surprised when they hear its artificial. Gone are the days of a spongy, plastic grass look. Artificial grass is undoubtedly the future of innovative design in landscaping. It is the ultimate way to enjoy a beautiful looking outdoor space without the constant maintenance. This grass requires no chemicals, fertilizers or even water and is even great for pets.

                          “What about the constant environmental changes you may ask”?

Artificial grass is heat and frost resistant as well as being UV stabilized. This means there is little to no environmental damage. Lomah artificial grass is built to last even in the harshest of Canadian winters. Our artificial grass is also made from plant based material and is 100% recyclable making it friendly to the environment.  With artificial grass, you can create a clean fun usable space for your family and friends to enjoy for years, or to simply allow you to spend more time in your outdoor space. Artificial grass, when installed properly, stays vibrant and green for many years without the need to replace or repair it. The grass is simply built to last making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners who would like to save money.

Another popular misconception about artificial grass is the possibility of weeds or bacteria seeping into the product. This is not the case with our products as they are anti-microbial so there is never a worry for harmful bacteria building up allergic reactions or harmful environmental effects caused by the artificial grass.

There are so many ways to enhance your property’s value with artificial grass. Weather it’s installing a putting green, turf to frame your pool area or a simple front and back lawn enhancement, with artificial grass, the possibilities are endless. There are numerous tips and tricks to making your outdoor landscaping work for your lifestyle. One of the first things to consider is the main living spaces of your yard.  Upgrade your balcony or terrace space with a beautiful patch to add natural feeling greenery. Create a safe and secure play space for your children to play outdoors. There are so many application options; rooftop, front yards, indoors or even walls. Artificial grass can also be used horizontally to add privacy to a railed fence.

Artificial grass and the future of landscaping

Why is synthetic grass the future of landscaping? In climate we currently live in, concerns about water conservation, rising living costs and climate change are effecting the way we manage our money, energy and utilities. Artificial grass provides a great solution. It is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and anti-microbial.  In addition to this, artificial turf features industry leading grass technologies that are at the forefront of innovation today.

    “concerns about water conservation, rising living costs and climate change are effecting the way we manage our money, energy and utilities”

Not all artificial grass is created the same. Loman’s grass are subjected to extensive industry testing procedures to ensure that the quality of our products remain high and at the cutting edge of the landscaping market. Our artificial grass products are manufactured in the USA and Canada and are certain to increase the value of property.

Switching from natural grass to Lomah artificial grass comes with numerous benefits. You will reclaim your time, peace of mind, save your money and still get that lawn look your neighbors will want.

In the next article we will discuss cutting edge landscaping trends