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Avoid These Costly Gardening Mistakes

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Common landscaping and gardening mistakes 

From the most knowledgeable to the least, from gardeners to full landscapers, everyone knows there are secrets professionals use to keep their customers outdoor space looking good. We have spoken to the professionals and deduced some of their secrets. We have compiled some of the biggest landscape and gardening mistakes and some of the best tips we consider essential to a healthy outdoor space.

1. Skipping lawn care in the fall 

Mistake number one is abandoning your yard to the elements after summer. Make sure you get one last mow of the lawn in before the cold weather sets in. After that you can take the following steps to keep your landscape in peak condition:

Step 1: Weeding – Make sure you pull up all weeds, even the smallest ones, before the snow arrives. This will ensure that they are not able to take root in your garden and strike again when the snow melts. 

Step 2: Remove leaves – Raking leaves off of the lawn isn’t just for keeping your landscape looking tidy. If the grass is allowed to remain covered in leaves once the snow comes, it will add an extra layer of pressure. This means the airflow will be compromised making it much harder for the grass to recover next season. In addition to this, the grass needs to catch the first glimpse of sunlight after the snow melts in order to recover. A third reason to remove the leaves is that if left alone, they can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which will leave dead patches in your lawn needing extra attention in the spring. 

Step 3: Remove thatch – Thatch is the small amount of grass that falls and dies during growing season. The end of the season when the grass growth comes to a halt is a good time to remove thatch. 

Step 4: Fertilizing – One great lawn savior is making sure to fertilize slightly before spring or even just before the snow falls, this way the ingredients will have time to spread deep into the soil and activate. 

2. Forgetting Bulbs

If you would like some early blooming plants such as tulips and daffodils, make sure to plant them in the fall so that they will be ready to come out as you enter springtime.

3. Too much cutting down 

One big mistake many novice gardeners make is cutting or trimming all of their plants back with the hope that they will reemerge next year. However not all plants are created equal. Each plant will differ in terms of what it needs. There are many varieties of plants in your backyard that provide a habitat for beneficial insects. The best thing to do is look up the plants you have to find out the best way to take care of them before you go ahead with the shears.  

4. Storing dirty tools

Cleaning your gardening tools can often be an afterthought or an optional endeavor most people neglect. Yet storing away dirty tools for the winter can lead to rust and unnecessary damage to the components meaning your tools won’t last as long before needing to be replaced. Take care to clean and dry your tools before storing them in a dry place to maximize their effectiveness and longevity. 

Your beautiful landscaping does not have to fade away as the sun fades in the fall and winter. Take the time to maintain your landscaping in the fall and winter and reap the benefits in early spring. 


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