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 Choosing the perfect walkway for your property

Best walkway designs of 2021

Stepping stones and walkways add an elegant touch to a landscaping project. They allow for safety and ease of access to the important elements of the landscape. The beauty of any landscape often lies on the finishing touches which help tie all of the design elements together. Walkways are an important piece of the landscaping puzzle as they act as a guide for the eye to follow throughout the outdoor space. With that in mind, we have compiled some of the best stepping stone and walkway ideas to inspire you to take the ‘next step’ in making your landscaping dreams a reality. 

English garden stone replica 

“An English garden connotes a feel of elegance and tradition. This imagery is exemplified through our natural stone lookalike concrete path. Weather you need the walkway for practical reasons, to connect your patio to the fire pit or just to pave a direct route through your garden,  textured stone is an ideal choice. The English garden stone is a highly decorative stone which adds to the beauty of the natural landscape whilst creating a sense of tranquility. On a more practical note, the stone is also de-icing salt resistant and will withstand freeze-thaw changes in temperatures. At Lomah, we can source almost any stone to suit your interlock or walkway needs”. 

Large natural stones 

If you would like your outdoor space to strike a bold look, opt for an extra large stepping stone to   strut through your landscape striking a grand and modern appearance. This eye catching design is also very versatile in use. It can be simply placed to add a sense of drama to the outdoor space or alternatively to add functionality in connecting your backyard amenities. 

Wood lookalike stepping stone 

For a very natural look you can choose a wood lookalike walkway. If you are inspired by the natural elements in your garden you can still enhance the beauty  and add functionality with a wood inspired walkway. A wood replica stone walkway has been trending among those who enjoy rustic designs. One of the flaws in natural wood is that it obviously changes and decays over time therefore there is an added maintenance cost. However the wood replica stone is completely maintenance free.  

Contemporary small smooth stones 

If you are currently working with a small landscape we have some great walkway options for you. In a smaller space we recommend smooth, smaller scale stones which will blend into the environment creating a seamless look. One tip is to keep textures, colors and sizes to a minimum so as not to overwhelm the eyes and create a chaotic look. A walkway should simply compliment the landscape and not overwhelm or complicate it. A smooth and textured stone will add simplicity and grace. We also recommend using vertical elements such as fences or poles to mount native plants and shrubs to create your perfect backyard oasis. 

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