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How to Select the Perfect Patio

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Get the patio of your dreams

2021 is already shaping up to be a long, hot summer. With all the lovely weather, many home owners are considering how to enhance their backyards or outdoor spaces. One of the most popular landscaping options is to build an outdoor patio or deck. That’s why we put together a simple guide to building the patio of your dreams. 

1. What kind of patio or deck do you want?

Before you begin the process of building a patio its a good idea to have a look at a few different options. There are so many different styles of patios that can enhance your home and suit your needsIn general, a patio is a wooden or concrete platform attached to your home, slightly lower than the family room or kitchen. The patio could also be built away from the house for extra privacy and access through a dedicated path or steps. 

2. How will you use it? 

The kinds of activities that you would like to use the patio for will determine several factors in the building stages. For example; do you plan to use it as a dining area, a place to grill on your bbq, a place to entertain your family/ friends or a place for reading and relaxation? In addition to this if privacy is important you can consider features such as screens or plants. Take the time to think about your future needs. For ideas and inspiration you can check out our Instagram page at lomahcontracting. 

3. What are your dimensions? 

If you have a restricted amount of space around your home, your patio or terrace should be constructed accordingly. We recommend that you take measurements and use simple shapes. For example; the most popular requests we get are for rectangular shaped patios which cover a quarter of the backyard. Another trend is to divide the patio into different areas designed for multiple uses. This is a creative way to make the most of the space. For example, an area for relaxation, another for the dining area and another for the BBQ grill. 

4. What kind of foundation and materials will you use? 

When it comes to the foundation and materials, we recommend you employ an expert to ensure you get the best combinations. Unless you are an experienced builder or landscaper it is best to leave the building to the experts. At Lomah contracting we come to your home and provide an assessment and quote completely free of charge. 

Several choices are available to you : the screw piles, concrete bases or sonotubes. The structure is usually made of treated wood before being placed on concrete bases or directly to the soil for stability. You can entrust the design and manufacture of your patio to our experts at Lomah contracting. Whatever your project is, be assured it will be done according to your tastes and expectations. Feel free to check out Lomah contracting on Instagram and Facebook to see pictures of all our previous patio designs. 

5. How will you accessorize your patio? 

If you would like to combine your patio and garden for a seamless look without too much effort, choose native plants. These tend to require less care and watering than non-native varieties. 

If you are not sure what flora is local to your region and climate head to a native plant nursery in your area for a wide selection. When it comes to patio furniture, consider multi-use items such as recliner chairs and foldable tables. One must have item is a sun shade. There are many different options available such as large umbrella’s or Gazebos.  

Building your dream patio has never been easier. Get a free estimate with Lomah today.