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Make a Statement With Your Driveway

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Increase your property’s appeal with a spectacular looking driveway


Design your driveway the right way

Updating your home’s outdoor space is an exciting project and a great way to give the property a fresh new look. One ideal place to begin is with the driveway. If you’ve taken a look around the neighborhood its clear that many people opt for standard tarmac. However there are so many affordable options when you upgrade to pavers. 

The driveway is one of the very first things people see when they approach your property. It guides the eye from floor to door step and welcomes you in after a long day at work. If you have never given much thought to the appearance of your asphalt driveway it’s time to invest in a driveway enhancement which will skyrocket your curb appeal for life!

The hardscape team at Lomah not only provide clients with breathtaking designs but the expert craftsmen transform driveways into works of art. Check out our website to see some of our work. We stock a wide range of pavers in many different shapes and sizes to suit even the most eclectic tastes. 

Timeless herringbone 

The herringbone pattern is a very popular paving configuration – and for good reason. This is a distinguished design and it typically uses 4” x 8” paving stones and is installed at either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle ‘vis a vis’ the front of the home.

When it comes to home deco trends, It can be rare for one style to be consistently requested for decades, but if anything, herringbone has only become more elegant over time. Google Trends showed that the searches with the term “herringbone” increased by over 110% in the past 12 months, proving that this pattern is going stronger than ever.

Our interlocking concrete stones are made to last as they are permeable and resistant to de-iceing salts. Our pavers also feature a rustic and Victorian design which fits perfectly within the herringbone style. 

Sleek running bond

You may prefer a more classic look such as the running bond pattern. This design has notably been used in diverse settings such as subway tile to luxury pool coping. Although it may appear simplistic and understated, this driveway pattern is incredibly tasteful. Each line of pavers is offset by one half of a stone, which stands out in terms of durability and creates a streamlined aesthetic. 

 Ultra-modern geometric style 

One of the hottest trends this summer is to create an irregular look with the pavers through sampling different shapes and patters. This makes for an eye-catching driveway which will surely turn heads. Use a block color for an ultra-sharp uniform aesthetic, or use a complementary shade to create contrasting streaks. Another idea is to create a huge range of patterns, including checkerboards, zig-zags, and cubic illusions.

Rustic cobblestone

Why not add a slice of Europe into your outdoor space with rustic cobblestone. This authentic English design has a charming appeal well suited to spaces with a more irregular shape. Cobblestones are smaller and therefore more versatile; this makes it easier to manage angles and curves which would be more difficult for the rectangular stones to navigate. 


Give one of our specialists at Lomah a call today to discuss your ideas and arrange a free visit.