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2021 Lighting Enhancements

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How to add lighting fixtures to beautify your outdoor landscape.

Lighting is one of the breathtaking elements of landscaping design. “Night scaping”, creates a warm inviting ambience that draws us outdoors inviting us to relax long after the dark. Besides the romantic appeal, lighting has a practical side when positioned in the right places. It enhances security, guides traffic into your backyard and improves safety. Strategic lighting can draw attention to a focal point of your landscaping like foundations, trees or an architectural element of your home. Outdoor lights with sensors are a proven way of deterring unwanted intruders and reducing crime.

Make lighting part of your plan

Despite the amazing value lighting brings to a landscaping most people only think about incorporating lighting as an after thought. And its no wonder. Getting the right light fixtures, calculating the right positioning that enhances and flatters your landscape can be daunting. Sometime expenses can be a hinderance.  But to fully maximize your landscape and truly create a breathtaking back yard that you and your family can enjoy, little details such as lighting should be considered.

In the next blog we itemize modern tips and tricks for enhancing the look and feel of your outdoor patio.